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By Amanita (anonymous) | Posted June 10, 2012 at 19:35:26

Sadly, the city's protracted timelines for street-scaping and conversion usually extinguishes any businesses foolish enough to attempt to remain open during these rejuvenation projects. On the plus side: Commercial and retail square footage will be cheap and plentiful. The decades since conversion to one-way provide ample evidence for a city that has no real direction, vision or sense of urgency about being anywhere else than the comfy rut in the middle of the road.

Alternately, we can do the cheaper and more expedient thing, which is simply to paint the yellow line(s)/centre turning lane and install traffic lights. When you get right down to it, elaborate street-scaping is a bit of a frill, and we can always install it after the fact. Most of Main has done well enough without it, and the savings could go into seeing the city's bike lanes through.

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