Comment 78374

By Disconnected Vision (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2012 at 10:41:52 in reply to Comment 78368

Beyond that, what was the participation rate? Do you think 30% voter turnout and less than 10% participation rates on all consultation processes constitutes broad based support. You obviously have a far different definition of what broad based means than I do. The kinds of tactics we've seen on the stadium debate, the LRT debate and the 2 way debate don't encourage participation but rather discourage it with the majority of citizens. This and the idea that we really don't know what the majority thinks seems to be lost on those claiming broad support of anything. Look at Adrian's pet peeve. NA's typically have less than 5% active participation. Special city sponcered efforts like the stadium precinct meetings draw 100 or so in a ward with many times more than that. Why would you claim definable wide support when the reality is that there is no such thing on any issue

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