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By highwater (registered) | Posted June 12, 2012 at 11:55:22 in reply to Comment 78381

Maybe it's just a personality thing, but I just don't get the "wait until you need it" approach because I don't see why someone would turn down learning a useful and widespread skill, unless they're just ideologically opposed to it.

Well, as a few of us have noted, there are a number of practical reasons not to bother with it, just as there are many practical reasons to get one. Tell you what, I won't assume you only got your license because you fell victim to a marketing gimmick, if you don't assume I only put off getting my license for 'ideological' reasons. :-)

BTW, I am considerably older than 30. I made the choice not to get a license long before any notions about the negative impacts of sprawl and car-dependence had entered the mainstream. There was no ideological context in which to judge my decision. I was simply considered weird. ;-)

Same applies to learning first-aid, or being trained on employment standards or health-and-safety in your workplace--if there's a low-cost way of significantly upping your skill-set, why not do it?

Because, not unlike driving, they are the sorts skills that need to be used on a regular basis or else they are forgotten or become obsolete. Unless you're in a position to keep those skills up, it's best to wait til they are needed to acquire them.

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