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By jason (registered) | Posted August 03, 2006 at 23:24:47

I have to agree with you both on this one. Yes, the job wasn't done properly on James and John South - it's like a one-way street made to look 2-way. A simple 2 lanes each way would have been fine with on street parking all the way down the 'opposite' side that the buses use (which, by the way it wouldn't kill the HSR to stop running a 1-way system on 2-way they've got to wait for the left turn at King and John). More parking is necessary and get rid of those stupid turning lanes at Charlton and Jackson (how many cars turn left here in a 24 hour period? 6?) However, traffic is slower and safer for cyclists and pedestrians. And new businesses have followed: Eden Thai, T4U Tea House and Sushi Bar, Incognito Restaurant and Wine Bar, Affinity Vegetarian Restaurant. Over on James South - Bistro Parisien, Platinum Unisex Clothing, James St Book Cellar, St Antonio's Italian Restaurant and some new office/web design firms along James South.
With some tinkering this 2-way project could be wonderful. So far it's been a success though, even with it's warts.

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