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By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted June 30, 2012 at 11:27:58 in reply to Comment 79019

"We will be remembered for what we have built, and not for what we managed or failed to save. Our collective living memories are consumed with these architectural excesses, these aberrations which happened while we were busy trying to save temporal memories that possibly could not have been saved given the hubris of the Hamilton Empire."

Great stuff.

Have we become not a city of 'builders', but a city of...impassioned after-the-fact desperados whose limitations include pleading the case for that-which-they-wish-to-save?

'Every situation's potential has a ceiling. And unless you change one of the fundamental elements, that ceiling remains the same.'

It's sad; had we had more true 'movers-and-shakers'...going beyond the d├ębacle that was 'Civic Square', etc...then maybe we could have lost even more (in our downtown) and yet replaced them with something else, something residents would be fighting to save in seventy-five years.

What was the last building we put up in Hamilton that was truly wonderful?


This is a serious question. When was the last time something was constructed in Hamilton...preferably in the downtown, but I'm willing to look to the city limits...that made you nod, smile, and feel all warm-and-fuzzy?

So maybe the real problem...from my admittedly unqualified not so much that we tear down, but that we don't build anything worth remembering to replace those buildings. Meaning that the best energies we expend are to fight destruction instead of actually erecting something worthy of saving from destruction down the road.

Have we become both the perpetrators and victims of a disposable culture?

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