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By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted June 30, 2012 at 13:28:09 in reply to Comment 79025

"Does it really matter who the architect is?"

Actually, as you and I have discussed this 'off-camera', it does.

Not in the sense of checking out their C.V., but in the sense of 'Why isn't this information at our fingertips?' (I'm assuming that a bright lad such as Mr. Freiburger would have accessed the information like *that*, were it readily available.)

If we're putting tens of millions of dollars into a project, why don't we know *all of this stuff*?!? The architect, the firm, the actual design... If McMaster is paying for a building, it can put whatever kind it wants there. But it's not paying for it in its entirety, correct? That doesn't mean that we have 'veto' powers, but I believe it does mean that we shouldn't have this shell game going on where we don't even know what the building that's going to be replacing the one that's being knocked down (and causing so much distress in some) even looks like. *While we're footing part of the bill.*

I think that things are changing, the landscape it preparing to change, no matter how some may not be aware of the subtleties of these changes, and that soon, the game is going to change. And it's going to come as a huge surprise to some. The Internet may not be the 'manna from Heaven' that some believe it to be, but it's the Issuer of Change that many refuse to acknowledge. For now.

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