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By LOL (registered) | Posted July 02, 2012 at 11:46:58 in reply to Comment 79045

whether or not bogging sites can and do make a profit was not the point. Though for every one that makes a profit there must be 10,000 that do not. If RTH makes a profit I would be dumbstruck. If The Hamiltonian makes a profit I would be thoroughly amazed. I don't know if The Spec makes a profit or not, lord knows many newspapers have folded because they cannot make a dime. What that has to do with whether or not they are a media outlet. The crap that is written on The Hamiltonian, RTH and a million other blogging sites might be news, might be rumour, might be opinion, might be bias, might be a lot of things but to take almost anything one reads at a blogging sit at face value is pure folly, because media outlets they are not. Even when reading something from a legitimate media outlet care must be taken because sometimes nonsense gets by the double checks and balances. A site like The Hamiltonian probably does not have any checks or balances just like the million other blogging sites on line. Just like RTH.

I do not trust or believe at face value almost anything as "news" or "fact" that I read at this site, The Hamiltonian or any other site. All of these sites have an agenda and post pieces to promote that agenda if you really believe any different then you are a fool. If you do indeed believe different then we should meet because I have some prime waterfront real estate in Florida that you would be interested in.

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