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By kendall (registered) - website | Posted July 03, 2012 at 19:35:28

The likes of RTH, The Hamiltonian and other blogs are a great source for the masses to express their narrow scope of opinion. A credible source for in depth reporting from experienced reporters, expensive fact checking and a general level of expertise are something that blog writers can never achieve. I wish blog owners would stop acting like children and accept their roles in the chain of news gathering and delivering. They are a springboard for ideas to be nurtured and developed, sometimes this picked up by "credited" news services and fleshed out, as plenty of the aft mentioned blogs posts have been.

Every time a blog reporter is refused an interview with a Hamilton dignitary, they stomp their feet and act like a two year old. "I think there for I am" is not a mantra that applies here, just because we all have opinions and some can write to some some form of comprehension does not make us worthy of the press gallery. Get over it.

Blogs are here to stay, but get off the pot if you think they will replace traditional media. In closing, blogs have brought down corrupt governments, here in Hamilton bloggers and their peons grab their torches and go witch hunting if they get told to shut up.

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