Comment 79422

By Vod_Kann (registered) | Posted July 12, 2012 at 18:06:49 in reply to Comment 79418

I really need to read all the comments before I respond but because now I know you are trolling

1-You have not been downvoted on your inital comment at all- your score at the moment is zero. I'm downvoting this one though

2-Both responses to your initial comment acknowledged that you had good points. I disagreed with the impact of a casino in urban developemnt (and that is just our opinions) and Jason simply said that things are getting better, may be not at the pace we want but it is

3- This site is full of criticism- there are criticisms of the promanade right ere in this articles. If we wanted rah-rah go to the Hamilton Ec Dev website. If we wanted to hear complaining and moaning we would read the comments in but we're here because we can speak of the good and bad in the city

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