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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 13, 2012 at 07:23:16 in reply to Comment 79424

For me I would say supporting local usually starts with either A. Patriotism of sorts to buy 'Made in Hamilton',or B. Word of mouth suggestion. Its the value you feel when you try it out that keeps you coming back. Local or not if the food/products are crap and the service is terrible, I simply won't be back. On the other hand if it was for example a burger that wasn't spectacular by any means, I'd still be back and recommend them if the owners/people are folks you strongly want to see do well because they make local business feel like family. They represent what so many value in small businesses. A true connection with people and the community. Downtown has a lot of that now thanks to streets like James N and King William.

Its no secret my love affair with Ottawa St and Locke when I lived there - and still now of course. The people connections are why I love living close to these streets. All cities should have lots of these types of street wall shopping districts. I'd love to see more. Maybe for us all to work on Barton Street which has changed slowly but isn't the hole many think it is as a whole first, then look at other street wall options/revivals. Some really nice shops on Barton but spread out across the entire path. Starpolski's for one. Yum!

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