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By Ergot (anonymous) | Posted August 14, 2012 at 09:37:19 in reply to Comment 79734

I was more inclined toward finishing remediation and getting the Harbour delisted at last.

The South African example above is basically underwritten by the state, but I wasn't really suggesting that the feds would invest similarly in Hamilton's waterfront, or even at all. They have no reason to. They barely had a reason to build the Discovery Centre in the first place. It was a $6 million Liberal pork barrel investment designed to showcase Parks Canada (and made possible by then-Heritage Minister Sheila Copps).

The feds still own the facility, BTW. The Hamilton Waterfront Trust is leasing the facility management rights through 2051, and subletting to the restaurateurs. (Not sure what the rent is, but operational costs were running around $800K annually when the feds pulled the plug.) I wouldn't presume to dictate its appeal based on something as nebulous as diners' place of residence. Suspect that most Hamiltonians will be curious enough to take a peek at least once.

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