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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted August 14, 2012 at 14:01:14 in reply to Comment 79764

Pete I don't think this is a one time sell off. You get the funds from sale of the land, then continuing residential and commercial taxes annually. The tenants will come from where ever. The market will determine that. From within Hamilton or migrants from somewhere else looking for a phenomenal lifestyle at a fraction of the price of Toronto or Vancouver. Who cares?
If you talk to Harry Stinson he will tell you Hamiltonians built in scepticism to such projects would indicate that out of towners would be the market. Personally I don't care if they come from Oz. My preference for residential and commercial development on the waterfront stems from my belief that we have more than enough public space down there, that is in fact underutilized. I'm walk my dog at Bayfront and on the trail system almost everyday. There is never an overcrowding problem. My suspicion is that for people who live on the mountain there is no compelling reason to to use the waterfront. Making it a destination with restraunts, shopping, housing, an LRT link, would change that. People are drawn to water, why Hamilton would not want to develop its waterfront in this way is beyond me.

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