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By Shempatolla (registered) - website | Posted August 15, 2012 at 09:04:09 in reply to Comment 79780

Having re examined the ward boundary maps you are correct in your observation. However it doesn't change the dynamic of what is happening one bit.

Shifting an apparatus to the suburbs to gloss over gaps in coverage because of a staffing issue is indicative of a larger problem. That being the fire service in Hamilton is understaffed and that the composite (part time/full time) model of fire service delivery is not working in its current form.

I would argue the only "real" rural areas left in this city are West Flamborough and a few areas South of Hwy 20 on the Stoney Creek Mountain.

I'm not sure what type of analysis was done at almalgamation as to growth/requirements of the fire department but it is clear now that understaffing and allocation of resources is a problem.

In another post in this discussion I offered my opinion that I believe the city is minimum 5 full time apparatus short. I would put one at Station 15 in Stoney Creek moving another back to Station 6. One each at Station 18 and 19 covering the new housing developments in Binbrook and Mount Hope. A second truck in Dundas Stn 23 and a second full time truck in Water down. Stn 24. This would allow a scale back of the number of "part timers" required and keep much needed resources in the inner city.
There could be any permutation of this, and I don't have any access to Hamilton Fire's dispatch data. My opinion is based on new housing development and an examination of current stations and resources. And of course, its just an opinion.

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