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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted August 16, 2012 at 09:44:01 in reply to Comment 79843

If Fear of Failure is holding you back, you've already lost. Sit home, don't go out and try anything, don't apply for a job, don't ask her to marry you, don't start a business.

Besides, it's a forgiveable loan, not a grant, which would have to be paid back to the city if the supermarket left downtown within (I believe) the first five years. Fine, let's say they fail after 3 years - you get the money back. They fail after 6 years - oh well, we tried, and the cost was rather minimal (as this points out, equivalent to demolishing some buildings). Wouldn't you rather be building something than demolishing something?

As for competition with the Farmer's Market - I don't buy that argument personally. The way I see it they serve two similar and complimentary - but ultimately different services. The market is open limited hours and carries a selection of primarily fresh foods. You still need somewhere to buy your toilet paper, jars of pasta sauce, oreo cookies, pet food, etc. The market doesn't offer these goods, so there's no competition on these points. Is there a chance people will buy their carrots at the Supermarket instead of the market? Of course. But given what we see with the success of farmer's markets in Ancaster, Hamilton Mountain, and Ottawa Street, there are still people who will choose to go to a farmer's market.

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