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By bikehounds (anonymous) | Posted August 18, 2012 at 10:34:18 in reply to Comment 79912

If you read the planning documents, the justification for the overpass is cited as local traffic demand from retail and residential developments around waterdown.

Most of us can see that the reality is a desire to build a separated highway from the 403 to the 401, but they do not explicitly say so.

By building the overpass, they will induce traffic on 6 making it more dangerous. This will make the argument for a puslinch bypass (and a waterdown bypass on parkside) even stronger.

It's 20km from the 403 to Campbellville road and 6km to the 401 from there. If you drive 10 over the limit, the journey is 13 minutes to campbellville rd and 6 minutes to the 401.

If we build a full divided highway, that 19 minute journey will only take 13 minutes assuming you speed at 120.

If (more likely) we build a limited access highway with a speed limit of 90, assuming again going 10 over, the trip takes 15 minutes.

Who is driving this? For the sake of saving 4 to 6 minutes from that trip? Most people spend more time than that idling in the tim hortons drive through before embarking on their commute. This is certainly an expensive way to save time....

I have a better idea - photo radar set to 90km/hr. This will generate money instead of costing money and will improve safety with zero infrastructure cost and no expropriation and no additional future maintenance costs.

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