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I dunno if you read the Spec today but it talked about the Spallacci block today. Here's what they said. The Spallacci family bought the St. Denys building 10 years ago. Their original plan was to demolish, then erect a 10 storey residential complex. Realtor Carol Robson has worked with the Spallaccis for 20 years. She couldn’t say when the family will start construction in the fore, but insists they have not abandoned the project. "Downtown development is starting to surge," she says. "I’m down there all the time. You can see it." She says there are several options for the St. Denys - new condos, rentals, conversion of the building to lofts. "Whatever the Carol Robson do, they do it right," she says. "They are looking at the site with great interest."

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