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By political process (anonymous) | Posted August 22, 2012 at 11:03:12

Don't forget this tidbit from the Spec last week:


Councillor Brian McHattie said on Monday that he's unsure whether Mayor Bob Bratina has lobbied the province to ensure Hamilton is at the top of the list for LRT funding.

“I'm growing increasingly concerned that we haven't heard much about the overall LRT effort,” he said. “We're doing all this great work in Hamilton on the planning side … and it may well turn out that Mississauga has done a better job than us behind the scenes. This is a political process, and at this point, I have no idea where we're at.”

Bratina responded that though he's meeting with Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli next week, he's not optimistic about the province's finances.

“When we see the premier going head-to-head with teachers, you've got to know there's a lot of pressure on spending in the province,” he said.

“I think I'm probably more nervous than I was a couple minutes ago,” McHattie responded. “I know the mayor's office has been involved, I think we need of a multipronged approach here.”


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