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By SpaceMonkey (registered) | Posted September 02, 2012 at 08:02:19

Does no one else have a problem with the following paragraph?

If Hamilton's LRT is to be successful at attracting people out of cars, it should follow the example of Calgary, which combined its LRT with changes to its road structure that "have made it more challenging to commute downtown by car."

So, the only way for LRT to work is to make it harder for people to get downtown? A lot of you might respond by saying "but Spacemonkey, it won't be any harder. They just have to take the LRT instead of drive". You can think that all you want, but for anyone who doesn't live along the planned corridor it isn't a reality. The comparison the author makes to Calgary is silly because it's not like 10s of thousands of people are commuting into downtown Hamilton ever day to work.

If it didn't cost the city very much in the short and long term, I'd love to see a better form of public transit in Hamilton. However, if the only way it might be successful is to make one of the other forms of transport less appealing, I wouldn't consider that a success. If the only way LRT might be successful is to make driving less appealing, perhaps we don't have a problem that needs fixing.

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