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By WolsakandWynn (anonymous) | Posted September 04, 2012 at 13:18:32

Chair and Members, General Issues Committee,

I am delighted that Counciller McHattie and Counciller Farr have brought this motion before council. As a business person who has operated in downtown Hamilton for the past five years I cannot emphasize enough how much of a problem these one-way streets pose for me. People continually cannot locate my office, and the emptiness on the streets due to the high volume of traffic and low number of pedestrians has made my area a burglar's delight. My office has been broken into three times since we've been here. In contrast the entire time we had office space at Queen and Spadina in Toronto, there was not one incident.

There are wonderful streets in downtown Hamilton, all two-way of course, and I enjoy walking down them and shopping at them. They are a large part of what drew me to this city and keeps me here. If we want to attact more offices like mine - I would say I fall into the creative business catagory - we need more streets like James North and Locke Street. Filled with people, bustling, and inviting. Where you don't wait gingerly on the corner hoping that once the light has turned you'll be able to dart across the street before the next onslaught of cars.


Noelle Allen
Wolsak and Wynn

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