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By ANITAR (anonymous) | Posted September 04, 2012 at 13:46:43 in reply to Comment 80330

Car free? wow - tell that to the auto workers and steel workers that make steel for the auto industry.
Tell downtown businesses that there will no longer be car they will move out of the downtown to the suburban malls.
Ottawa turned Sparks street car free many years ago and belive me NO ONE goes there, only office workers at lunch hour. They tried to turn Rideau street to bus only and it died.
This is Canada NOT Europe, our cities are build differently.
Yes just allow bikes that are made in China.
Spend a BILLION DOLLARS PLUS on an LRT from nowhere to the downtown?
An LRT will never work in Hamilton because of the escarpment, it can't climb the Mountain!!
It will be far cheaper to make some BUS ONLY LANES and buy some extra buses.

Don't saddle taxpayers with these BILLION DOLLAR DREAMS this province already has a $15.6 BILLION deficit and a $250BILLON DEBT let's not add to it.
Hamilton does NOT need an LRT

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