Comment 80406

By MIKEM (anonymous) | Posted September 04, 2012 at 13:53:37 in reply to Comment 80308

Captain it's about the cost and the need. The traffic in this city is on the highways around this city. It's grid lock and spending BILLIONS on an LRT across the downtown will do NOTHING to alleviate grid lock.

you think that people who don't want to spend taxpayers dollars "lack vision" no we "lack money"
I am tired of the government and taxpayers having to fund everything.

I think it's leadership that stands up and says
"I'm not willing to spend one penny on an LRT" in a city like Hamilton.
Bus only lanes and extra buses will suffice in this city. Not because some people are excited about seeing a shiny new train on tracks running across the city.

STOP THIS LRT NONSENSE and give the taxpayers of this Province a break

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