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By Christopher Horrocks (anonymous) | Posted September 04, 2012 at 17:17:46

Please include my support for Councillor Brian McHattie's motion to establish a one-way to two implementation team.

Chair and Members, General Issues Committee,

Please give your full support to the motion by Councillor Brian McHattie to establish a one-way to two-way implementation team.

As a resident/property owner of ward 1, there is nothing more exciting than the opportunity to re-establishing a walkable city and the experts are all suggesting it starts with a more attractive walking space. One way streets are just plain dodgy for walking or cycling. The level of traffic and speed of travel is actually insane. I even find myself guilty when driving through on one ways streets/ fast streets that I pay very little attention to the surroundings/environment and I live here and know my environment. What would outsiders think?

Gen Y's like myself want to identify with a core of the city and further want to share and be proud. I was elated when the news broke out about a new grocery store opening up in Jackson Square. I shared it with everyone I knew. A grocery store in Jackson Square people replied ? They thought I was crazy person suggesting this was coming to fruition.

As a positive spin on the "change" occurring here, it's just plain exciting. We have a huge opportunity to transform our downtown core to something really special. I think there are enough young people around to support a city that identifies other methods of modern transportation (such as using our own feet, a bicycle and public transit). From Costner's 'Field of Dreams' "if you build it, he (they) will come". But truth be told we are already here, so let's just build it.

Thank you,
Christopher Horrocks.

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