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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted September 05, 2012 at 13:31:59

We have a particular problem here if you want to go Southbound.

Let's say you are on King. (To go South, you are looking for a left hand turn).

Because of the one ways, this may be necessary if you want to use Main to backtrack to a destination you are looking for. Or maybe you simply need to get to a destination such as St Joes which is in the South end.

Starting at the entrance to downtown, we have:

  • Wellington: Southbound allowed, but only as far as Young (or up the mountain)
  • Spring: one way the wrong way
  • Ferguson: Closed to cars.
  • Walnut: Two way to Charlton
  • Catharine: Access to charlton
  • John: No left turns
  • Hughson: one way the wrong way
  • James: No left turns
  • MacNab: Left turns allowed - BUT you have to turn left again on main, you can't go straight. If you are well versed in Hamilton tricks, you can then zip across and turn right on James. If you are a visitor however - GOOD LUCK!
  • Summers Lane: one way the wrong way
  • Bay: one way the wrong way
  • Caroline: full 2 way access southbound
  • Hess: wrong way
  • Queen: full access southbound

So of the 14 cross streets, only 5 give full access southbound from King. We couldn't even get the one-way grid right which ideally would have alternating streets one after another. We see them doubling up - two sequential streets going in the same direction. Ask any visitor to Hamilton how they feel about getting around. It is a nightmare for them.

Going South if you are starting from Cannon is even worse - with Jackson Square being totally in your way. It's just a horrible place to navigate unless you've spent years perfecting your craft. We need to become more attractive immediately - we can't afford to ask newcomers to spend years "getting used to it". Our economic future depends on it.

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