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By DTompkins (anonymous) | Posted September 05, 2012 at 17:28:49

Chair and Members, General Issues Committee,

As someone who is a resident and homeowner in Ward 2, as well as a commercial property owner with a business in Ward 2, I appeal to you support Councillor McHattie's motion to install a one-way to two-way implementation team.

As I live and work downtown, my life is adversely affected by wide lanes of speeding traffic every single day. Walking and biking is more dangerous and less pleasant so I routinely avoid certain streets when I can. Even driving becomes incredibly inconvenient when a natural route is obstructed, takes blocks longer than it should or forces drivers along a residential street rather than a through street.

It is well documented that reverting to Hamilton's original 2-way street grid is what needs to be done. Further discussion is not necessary. Implementation IS required. Immediately.

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