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By FenceSitter (anonymous) | Posted September 05, 2012 at 19:35:04 in reply to Comment 80500

While I would prefer one-way conversion, I understand where Kettal is coming from.
My worse fear is turning dreadful one-way street (speaking mainly of Main/King/Cannon/Wilson here) into dreadful two-way streets. 2 lanes each way, no parking anytime, everything done on the cheap. Maybe better than one-way, but not by much.

The recent roadworks along King from Sherman to Wentworth are a great example. It has frequently been reduced to 2 lanes (50% capacity) for the last couple of weeks with little or no effect on traffic. I do accept there have been some delays.

Bike lane along the entire stretch from Delta to Downtown, all day parking along one side and two lanes off traffic. Cheap or less expensive, easy, effective.

While I appreciate your passion Ryan, you obviously have more optimism than me. King will not become James North with respect to road design. It will become a two-way freeway. I would love to see the road design you posted down below. Again my fear, especially with the narrower sections of King, it will just not happen.

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