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By Premium Rush (anonymous) | Posted September 05, 2012 at 22:25:24

I'm not familiar with the sibling city studiesn but how does Brant's traffic volume (in Downtown Burlington) compare to that of Main or King (in Downtown Hamilton)?

I concur about the turning lanes in principle. In practice, I have my misgivings. Look to Main West from Paradise to Rifle Range to get a sense of the number of car lengths consumed by turning flow once you move from drawing to implementation. Even Dundas' Cootes Drive has recently has its island gnawed down at Olympic/York to accomodate the number of turning cars from gumming up through traffic. Between that variable, the additional signalled intersections, mandated setbacks and sightline regs and the added factors of bus stops and driveways, this may not be exactly as pictured. Probably an improvement on the status quo, but the faster this is rolled out, the rougher the edges will be. That much seems certain. It'd be a shame for the outcome to be a quick and dirty two-way conversion that remained overwhelmingly predicated on the needs of motorists, but that seems like a resolution that is, based on Hamilton precedent, more than a little probable.

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