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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted September 06, 2012 at 10:30:12

I love all the landlords trying to say "it's not a rental problem, it's a maintenance problem". Come to Westdale and see the stark contrast between the family homes and the student rentals, and tell me that you can't see a deep difference. Yes, there are well-kept student homes and decrepit family homes, but by-and-large the problem is specific to the landlords.

Rotting porches, unkempt lawns, rusting rails, etc. are the order of the day. And frankly, I'm a lot more comfortable telling an investor what standards they must keep on their business properties vs. telling a person how they should live in their own homes. If I buy a property so I can make money off of it and let it become an eyesore of the neighborhood, that's a light-year of difference from being told how I should my own personal home where I live.

The public wants the landlords policed because we're sick of living around these rotting rental-properties with absentee landlords. The owners failed to deal with the problem themselves, so it's up to the city step up enforcement, and that costs money. Why should the taxpayer foot the bill for your industry's problem? So licensing fees.

Imho, the biggest thing the city needs is more purpose-built rental properties. Get single renters and couples out of family dwellings and into homes that are meant for that kind of occupancy.

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