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By PearlStreet (registered) | Posted September 06, 2012 at 11:15:48

This is a derivative of poor Ontario Landlord and Tenant Act laws which give the tenant an incredible bias. Take it or leave it, let me tell you a story when I personally was burned recently; a tenant of mine complained of a water leak (which had never occurred) in a spiteful retaliation to my concerns of ongoing late payments. In fact, the house has had over $100,000 worth of renovations done to it just before her moving in. It is your word and against the other in court and trust me, nine times out of ten, it will be in favor of the tenant. Proof of bills were shown, work performed, pictures and no supporting evidence on her part - I still lost. I now owe her $2500.00 worth of replacement cost for 'damaged goods'. She continues to make a mess of my place and then complains it bothers her asthma. Landlords can't win here and neither can the neighbourhood! Ontario needs to improve this, it leaves the landlord wide open for problems. Most landlords are interested in being part of the wave renewal, so assist us in doing so! Problem tenants cause disrepair of neighbourhoods and the landlord resposible to resolve and improve the property is greatly hindered in doing so!

Other suggestions: A tax incentive for property improvements to attract less motivated landlords. Secondly, motivate to build more student residence buildings at Mac, surely there is profit there. U of Western is jumping all over that. Lastly, ADVERTISE the tools ALREADY available:

If a property in Hamilton is not up to par, there are methods of action. See website:​CityDepartments/​PlanningEcDev/Divisions/​ParkingBylawServices/​MunicipalLawEnforcement/​PropertyStandards.htm?​_id=propertystandards&WT.h​amilton_redirect_friendly=​1

Hamilton has the tools to help protect your home investment. Use them. Graffiti reporting:​ProjectsInitiatives/​CleanCityStrategy/​GraffitiForm.htm?WT.mc_id=G​raffitiForm&WT.hamilton_re​direct_friendly=1

Cars parked on lawns? No problem, there is a tool for that! See page:​CityDepartments/​PlanningEcDev/Divisions/​ParkingBylawServices/​Parking/​drivewaysandapproaches.htm

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