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By kiely (registered) | Posted September 06, 2012 at 11:27:33 in reply to Comment 80599

Landlords aren't and shouldn't be policing their tenants to make sure they're the "right kind" of people for the neighbourhood.

The landlord who owns the duplex across from my home does and has. His property is very well taken care of and he takes great effort to keep it well maintained and well tenanted. He had a troublemaking couple in the top unit about a year ago. People began complaining (he provides his phone number to the neighbours of his property) and he took very swift action against the bad tenants and had them removed. In fact he contradicts many of the excuses made in this article:

The problem is that there's very little that even a good landlord can do to ensure a property is well kept.

This is at best a very biased opinion and IMO just a bad excuse (i.e., a lie).

If a tenant is to feel at home somewhere, they can't constantly have the landlord stopping by and looking in

Again, the guy who owns the duplex across from me routinely stops by to check on the place. He isn't entering the units but he is ensuring the property is well maintained from the outside… which is what most neighbours are concerned about. So again, the author is just making excuses… and bad ones.

I don't need to read any more articles making excuses for slum lords.

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