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By TDR (registered) - website | Posted September 06, 2012 at 13:57:38 in reply to Comment 80594

I find this opinion to be very offensive and very troubling. Tenants, whether you like it or not, are human beings. There are many, many good reasons why people rent rather than buy. I wonder if you read my article, because I certainly made no call for “stronger deposits” to “increase my pocketbook” - rather I suggest a “financial investment” that would indeed give tenants greater incentive to care for the property. This would be no more than the last month’s rent amount, which many tenants now pay (instead of the last month’s rent, not as well as).

I own property (nine of them, in fact) and I certainly wouldn’t “testify” to what you write here. Your solution would be to put all tenants in “large, corporate apartment blocks” - a ghetto. Such an idea is repugnant on the face of it, and an affront to common humanity.

I would love to hear from Mr Tetley, if he indeed characterizes his position on all rentals just as you’ve stated it here.

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