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By SouthsideBill (anonymous) | Posted September 06, 2012 at 17:33:45 in reply to Comment 80632

My friend Dwight has informed me that no Tri-Plex is legal and as such you are being part of the problem. I am not saying you, or any other person should be thrown out on the street. I've been pretty voted down on this site, but I think sometimes the truth stings. I live in a lovely house on Erie Ave and the area is really ruined by renters. Multi-units are the worst because of the types of people living in them. I don't believe that healthy, educated people live in multiunits. I think they are part of a cycle of poverty that needs to be removed from our cities. Create large, supervised housing that will put these people somewhere they can be managed easier. It should not be in a beautiful Georgian house that myself and my neighbors would like to raise our families in.

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