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By Ward3resident (anonymous) | Posted September 07, 2012 at 11:21:50 in reply to Comment 80633

The one thing that always puzzles me about this conversation is that the discussion always turns on those that want safe neighborhoods. I don't think anyone could argue that all tenants bad. At one time or another we have all been renters. The problem in ward 3 is that all laws have been ignored for so long and our councillor let this ward become what it has. The groups that are fighting to get rid of multiple units are not trying to get rid of renters. They are trying to get rid of the overcrowded multi rentals that are major issues in the neighborhood. I believe even if you rented next door to one of the types of homes that ward 3 residents are fighting, you'd be on board too calling police and bylaw. No one wants to live next door to an active drug house, homes with prostitutes actively taking customers, garbage in the backyard so high that you can no longer sit outside due to the odor, screaming and yelling in the middle of the night so that you are guaranteed to be awake at 3am on a regular basis...I could go on. This is what is not longer acceptable. Landlords who continue to rent to people they know are actively involved in criminal activity will be reported. Landlords trying to make "affordable" housing by converting their garage into an apt will be reported. Is it ok that people are living in storefronts just becuase its affordable? There has to be a standard set for what is acceptable in a neighborhood that wants to attract families. Stop trying to turn this debate into a war against ALL renters. That is not what this is about. Paul Tetley's group is not trying to put landlords out of business.....only the bad ones!

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