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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted September 18, 2012 at 19:12:09 in reply to Comment 80983

I'm less convinced of this phenomenal upswing in urban living, much as I would like to be.

Four tracts in Ward 2 registered population gains in the last census. Only one spiked: CT5370036, home to the Terraces on King. That tract logged a 701-resident gain in the last census, the only one of the four to score a triple digit increase. The other three combined added 175.

The bigger picture has been remarkably sedate. Ward 2's population has experienced net growth of 1,702 over the last 25 years, peaking in 2001.

1986: 35,865
1991: 36,550
1996: 36,699
2001: 38,349
2006: 37,815 / 37,408
2011: 37,569

For sake of comparison, Ward 7 experienced net growth of 2,051 between 2006-2011.

I cited Halton only to demonstrate that the suburban inclination is not an exclusively Hamiltonian tic. Again, as much as I adore Hamilton's core, I would wager that yawned-about places like Burlington and Oakville are growing population in their respective downtowns more successfully than Hamilton is.

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