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By Julie (registered) | Posted September 21, 2012 at 08:03:51 in reply to Comment 81122

I'm always overwhelmed by the number of extra-curricular activities that go on at my school, and school's in general. There are always teachers in the building doing something from before I get there at 7:30 to well after I leave at 4:30.

But there's certainly no implication that these extra activities are anything teachers have to do, and every now and again there's a reminder from admin. that the primary focus should be on the core activities in the classroom, so maybe that is different at the secondary level.

There's always something else that needs a teacher volunteer in order to run (I did a Dance Dance Revolution lunch club once!), but if they can't get a volunteer, it doesn't run. The wrestling club at the school stopped running soon after I stopped advising because it was impossible to get someone to commit 1.5 hours a day for four days a week for 5 months (our school went to Provincials regularly).

I do agree with the thrust of the argument - that withdrawing from voluntary coverage does essentially mean using kids as pawns in the struggle. But asserting that all this extra work is part of the job is just a position taken in an argument for effect.

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