Comment 81233

By fairness (anonymous) | Posted September 25, 2012 at 13:28:38 in reply to Comment 81230

"and then try to find any such thing for any suburban, rural howmeowner" Please tell me you're just taking the piss and don't actually think you don't enjoy huge grants and freebies as a suburban, rural homeowner.

Just one single corner at Peters Corners is costing $5.7 million dollars to turn into a roundabout to help drivers.

Did you pay for that yourself? No, I helped pay for it (you're welcome) even though it doesn't help me one bit. It's called living in a society but you don't seem to think downtown deserves the same kind of support that lets you give your children a "rural way of life".

I'm pretty sure you're not a farmer, so you're just living in the rurals to enjoy it for it's own sake, let's not romantacize a lifestyle.

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