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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted September 25, 2012 at 22:32:20 in reply to Comment 81242

But it won't. I mean, shutting down 10 lanes might. But we could lose one lane from every single e/w street (that has more than one lane) and there would not be gridlock. The only times there are traffic problems here are when a major street is completely closed off, and during occasional big events (and even then, the traffic delay is localized and minimal). Our roads are horribly overbuilt.

And besides all of that, two way proponents generally are calling for retention of most lanes anyways (maybe reducing by one here-and-there for a bike lane or parking lane). A two way conversion need not cause a loss of lanes, it just changes the direction of them.

The city needs to take a step WAY back and redesign the entire system in order to improve livability and reduce waste.

Is any of this still necessary given that Stelco now employs 1100 people instead of 25,000?

Burlington Street at Wilcox Claremont Main at King Jolley at Concession Bottom of Kenilworth - Lawrence and King overpasses Main over the 403 Main and Victoria Sherman Access reversible lanes York at Hess

All of this costs us a HUGE amount in maintenance every single year and it is just horribly unnecessary and underutilized. This is a total waste of money.

I digress.

Two way conversion does not by definition mean losing lanes. But that being said, we can afford to lose some lanes. It would be good tax relief for us.

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