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By John Neary (registered) | Posted September 27, 2012 at 09:40:37 in reply to Comment 81284

I grew up in London and it does not have an "almost-ring-road". The 401 to the south of the city could form one quarter of a ring road. The 402 wanders vaguely north from the 401 to the west of the city, but is too far from the city to really constitute part of a ring road. Veterans Memorial Parkway (formerly Airport Road) on the east side of London is a divided street with uncontrolled access. Think Cootes Drive. It's not really a ring road, and it doesn't run all the way to the north end of the city.

To summarize, London has more like a quarter of a ring road.

And it has two one-way streets that I can think of, King and Queen. They run east-west on either end of the downtown. But the lights aren't synchronized for fast traffic, they're well-streetscaped, and they don't run one-way across the entire city. They are in no way comparable to Main or Cannon.

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