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By adrian (registered) | Posted August 22, 2006 at 05:35:46

Let me guess: although the development will be on the mountain, thus justifiying the 'Summit' portion of its moniker, the 'Park' portion will only be accurate in the sense of 'An area in or near a town designed and usually zoned for a certain purpose', rather than 'A piece of land with few or no buildings within or adjoining a town, maintained for recreational and ornamental purposes', or even more extreme, 'A large tract of rural land kept in its natural state and usually reserved for the enjoyment and recreation of visitors'.

Hamilton's urban planning - perhaps more accurately described as rural planning - reminds me of a perpetual loafer's plans to get a job. Each afternoon finds the loafer working on his resume or casually browsing the classified ads for unemployment with a highlighter. Tomorrow, he's going to go out and get a job...

But tomorrow comes and our loafer is back on the couch, making big plans that somehow never get carried out.

Hamilton needs to stop making plans and start following through on the ones it has.

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