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By Pedestrian (anonymous) | Posted September 28, 2012 at 13:59:44

Great pics an the talent there was aweseome. However there were many things disliked. While an Art Crawl, much of the time I was tere none of th galeries seeed to have many if any people atually in them. I did not like the $300 alleged price tag to vernders nor the enforceent who removed those unable to pay such fees to be a part of the festival. I also had a growing dislike for the crowd who seemed particularly rude and pushy having been knocked into and almost knocked into so many self absorbed festival gowers it was tuly becoming a problem, Even on Lock sreet despite such congested conditions I did not have the same amount of arrogant self absorbed people who even when there was room would rather force you out of their way than step aside an inch.
Ironically a festival aimed at improving our world was the poorest attended event of the events that weekend. While not as commercial and it could have stoo improvements, the lack of support was dissapointing. Finally I will say for atmosphere and friendliness and over all good cheer, the Pagan Pride festival on Sunday outshone any of the others.
That is my two cents on that weekend anyway.

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