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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted September 29, 2012 at 09:55:12 in reply to Comment 81312

You can disagree with me, but your facts are wrong.

No. We'll have' to agree to disagree on that one, since it's clear your experience and mine are totally different (perhaps due to different times in the city, where you lived and what you studied, etc).

Wonderland Road is in no way a ring road. It's nowhere near the western edge of the city, and it's an undivided street with traffic lights. Calling Wonderland a ring road is like calling Mohawk a ring road.

Wonderland forms a _part_ of a ring road. The western N-S piece. It's near the old edge of the city, which is when the ring road was first put forth. It's a great candidate for getting a median and increased speeds as it moves N-S, with a bit of an incline, and runs across the entire city. Comparing Mohawk and Wonderland is apples and oranges I'm afraid.

And as I explained above, Veterans Memorial Parkway has a similar design to Cootes Drive. It's not a controlled access highway.

Which is why it forms a part of the ring.

London is actually a great contrast to Hamilton. Despite not having invested hundreds of millions of dollars in municipal highways, and despite not having destroyed inner-city neighbourhoods by creating a grid of high-speed one-way streets, life goes on.

What inner city is there in London? I spent a lot of time downtown and it was a mix of low-income tenement style buildings, failed and failing retail, and empty lots. A lot like Hamilton. I haven't been back in a couple of years but the only changes seem to be the names on the buildings.

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