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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted October 04, 2012 at 21:16:30

"It is so transformational, clean, green, --quiet-- and a beauty to ride."

Quiet?? Jason, is the noise level which is clearly heard on your video for real?

I checked to see if it was only on your video -- but the eerie 'jet-talking-off' like screeching plus the rhythmic clanking is caught on many other videos too - see here:

How does such disturbing noise levels translate to a "quiet" urban living experience?? especially on narrow width stretches like downtown King Street in Hamilton where there are apartments/lofts on either side of the street from 2nd floor up, or Main/King Streets, where there are homes on either sides of the road?

Also, the LRT cars in Portland look so over-sized for the streets! Does it feel like that only on the videos?

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