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By jason (registered) | Posted October 18, 2012 at 17:48:23

here's some info for those who think we need multi lane freeways down here.

James, south of Herkimer carried 33,000 cars per day in 1999. By 2010 it was down to 19,000.

Golflinks at Stonechurch carries 26,500 per day. King St carries 16,000 at Wentworth. Main St at Cope carries just under 20,000 per day. In 1999 it was 32,000 Upper James, as I mention in the article, carries 33,000 Cannon at James is 16,500 down from 18,000 in 1999.

I will be presenting this info in more detail soon. And will, of course, be presenting all of this info to council and staff. Looking at the traffic data, and capacities, what we already knew is confirmed - our lower city freeways are way overbuilt.

I mean Wellington St carries less than 18,000 per day at Main St and it is 5-lanes. It's ridiculous when compared to Golf Links carrying 26,000 at 4-lanes.

As our industrial jobs have left, so has the lower city traffic. This is why one can walk along Main or King at 5pm and encounter several minutes at a time with zero cars. The rest of the day it's a freeway.

Cannon can EASILY be two full lanes, and the curb parking space can be used for turning lanes at intersections that warrant one.

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