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By jason (registered) | Posted October 30, 2012 at 20:32:24 in reply to Comment 82432

ditto for Burlington...a whole ton of new rental towers has been built over there in recent years, especially in Aldershot. I think one of the huge drawbacks in Hamilton is that a handful of residents, and therefore almost everyone at city hall, freaks out if a building is proposed to be taller than 2.5 stories. Tiny, little Aldershot is developing quite a skyline of rental buildings that would be run out downtown Hamilton at the first public meeting. Rental buildings typically need some density to make them more affordable from what I understand. Sad that small cities like London and Burlington allow construction of such projects, but here in a city that used to think itself a rival to Toronto we think 20 stories is 120 and chase development away all the time.

One other point I've been told to by developer friends is that rents need to be quite high in order to finance the construction of the massive amount of parking demanded by the city's antiquated zoning bylaws. Average rents would work in a building with less, or limited parking, but in Hamilton the development of parking trumps all else, and therefore makes new rental projects unprofitable for developers.

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