Comment 82446

By doer (anonymous) | Posted October 30, 2012 at 22:54:20 in reply to Comment 82444

Because many of the actual "doers" in this city (and on this website) have learned that Adrian's modus operandi is to continually tell people how they are going about it wrong - whether "it" is discussing issues, throwing around ideas, organizing meetings, or even actually - you know - DOING THINGS.

Yet we've never seen him do anything himself. It gets tiring being told over and over that we don't quite understand the "real answer", which he implies he has exclusive knowledge of. But he doesn't want to tell us what it is until we discover it for ourselves.

In other words, he cried wolf so many times that his better comments don't get proper consideration because everyone is wary that it's an invitation to another bitch-slap three comments in.

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