Comment 82542

By Public space Pete (anonymous) | Posted November 02, 2012 at 11:34:46 in reply to Comment 82539

A few comments:
1. Councillors are only doing the job of meeting the wishes of the people that get them elected; thats their donors not voters of course.
2. The residential developers have laid out their own patches and will not be stepping on each others toes. Agreements & deals with AEGD land owners was locked up before the process started.
3. What money does the city have left? I thought the stadium drained our funds and we cannot borrow more because of the WWTP upgrades.
4. Steel plants with good, large ship water access for materials can still be viable in the west. Especially around the great lakes region if we can keep the steel user base by solving the high canadian petro-dollar.
5. Cheap shale gas will underpin future industrial development, we just do not know what that is as yet. That should be studied to be incorporated into our provincial & city vision.

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