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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted November 04, 2012 at 16:30:10 in reply to Comment 82530

Definitions are certainly subjective, but in the norm you locate something close to a consensus. A frame as broad as "lower city, 403 to Red Hill" seems like a fairly exurban definition to me: Meaningful in a branch office that's assigning risk profiles to broad demographic swaths, but not especially enlightening if you're hoping to meet up with someone for coffee.

The City's Downtown Built Heritage Inventory Project, for example, uses the standard Queen/Cannon/Wellington/Hunter parameters:

So does the City of Hamilton's Downtown Heritage Character Zone, as you might expect:

The City of Hamilton's Downtown Land Use Planning Area, does so as well:

This is distinguished from other areas such as western neighbour Strathcona:

Or West Harbour:

One notable departure from a municipal standpoint is the Downtown Hamilton parking lot map, which runs Locke/Duke/Strachan/West (though 16 of the 20 lots are found within the QCVH envelope).

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