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By RPMoran (registered) | Posted November 06, 2012 at 10:41:37

While I certainly agree with your article. I think the Councilor's quote jointly touches on two points, the one you discuss here, and another that you don't that IS actually completely valid.

The building that is causing the lane closure on King, west of Hess, has now sat derelict and damaged since 2003. With the lane closed as if something is going to happen for roughly a year now. I believe (or, at least, hope) what what the Councilor is referring to as being unconscionable is that in all the time that this building has sat empty and in disrepair, its owners have thrown up, and are throwing up, big stucco boxes mere blocks away (at the furthest). And even have the resources to deconstruct, and then build in its place, half the former federal building on King, Caroline, and Bay.

It is unconscionable that this development firm has not been taken to task on their questionable practices and neglect (instead, in some cases, some members of City Hall have openly supported them), when clearly they have had, and continue to have, the resources to restore that building.

Of course, this does also question what the above Councilor has done to resolve this.

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