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By Simon (registered) - website | Posted November 06, 2012 at 11:08:56

I generally respect Ferguson - but in this case he is wrong. The City already has a permit system in place for lane closures. I know this because I needed to block a lane on my road to use a crane to put in a hot tub. I cannot remember the exact bylaws - but there are two forms of lane closure - one is a temporary closure - where the lane is only closed temporarily and flagging is used, the other is if the lane is physically blocked for more than quick in and out. There is also a provision for how much of a lane can be blocked.

Both required permission from the City - with the long term closure carrying an application fee of over $1000.

So if Vranich (and other developers) have a lane closed - the City has issued a permit for them to do it. If the terms of the closure have been violated, or if they do not have a permit - the City has the same recourse to enforce their bylaws as with any other bylaw - in this case a stop work order and fines.

Or is this just another case of the City letting developers get away with whatever they want, while residents are forced to comply with rules and regulations - simply because they don't have the resources to ignore the City with impunity?

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