Comment 82616

By RPMoran (registered) | Posted November 06, 2012 at 12:39:16 in reply to Comment 82610

I think it is completely fair, being that I do believe that they have owned it since prior to 2003, and thus, left it sitting for nine years.

Meanwhile, the combination of that neglect, and other questionable forms of neglect that have lead to the deconstruction of other properties they own (property that is now RokBar, Federal building and contents that were found within), in favour of stucco boxes, points to either a very unfortunate series of coincidences, or a marked trend of neglect with deliberate goals.

And given that long term ownership, those series of coincidences and/or deliberate trend, I see no reason to be apologetic of, or lenient, on them.

This is aside from other properties, that were/are older, and/or larger, and in far worse states of disrepair being renovated and restored with proportionately less resources, in far less time.

It is perfectly fine and fair to complain about this, the real question though is complain to who, and about who.

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