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By amandap (registered) | Posted November 06, 2012 at 15:34:12

The concept of the Aerotropolis is very concerning. We already have an amazing city and downtown core that is mostly under-utilized and in dire need for attention. Why do we need to continue to sprawl further and further out? Why are we trying to develop a new core when we have one already? The whole concept irks be as it brings up many ideas about surburban spawl in general.

If people want sprawl or the suburbs, they should move to Burlington, Ancaster, Oakville, Mississauga or Burlington. There will always be residents who prefer to reside in the suburbs, just as we have residents who might prefer to live in an urban downtown core. I am not suggesting that we should banish the concept of suburb altogether, but when Hamilton has clearly catered to low-density and suburban homes consistently over the past 20-30 years while ignoring the core, I'd say that it's time to shift our focus.

We have a REAL urban centre here in Hamilton. We need to invest in our core to re-estabilish it! Why can't we take pride in developing and building our downtown first, and worry about building new suburbs once we fix our foundation? What we have here is a unique and thriving city with a lot of potential. We have the geographical space, resources, urban layout and population to thrive as a great mid-sized city. Hamilton can be compared in so many ways to many American cities. During the day the city is busy, the streets are being used and it feels hass a lively atmosphere. Once 5 pm hits, everyone evacuates to their suburbs and abaondons the core.

Anyway, after having said all that I can only hope that one day our focus will shift back to improving the core and not on the Aerotropolis!

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